Join Luana in a star bound streamy logic adventure and help her save the planet
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Join Luana in a star bound streamy logic adventure. Help her save the planet by collecting celestial Amulets and reassembling her magical Astrolabe.
Enjoy playing more than 200 hand-made, mind bending, Strimko puzzles. Choose the type of gameplay and experience ever increasing levels of complexity as each puzzle becomes harder to solve than the previous.

Challenge yourself and tease your brain as you learn and master the deep logic required to solve Strimko puzzles.
These puzzles are sure to push your logic skills to the limit.

Prove your understanding and take it up a notch. This set of puzzles demands you to rebuild the Strimko puzzles with a jigsaw twist.

Absolute mind-bending logic is required to solve this set of puzzles.

To complete, you must rotate and insert each stream on the board respecting all of the Strimko puzzle rules.

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